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Established in the UK in 2000, but with over 30 years' experience, Top Stitch is specialized in clothing alterations and dry cleaning in Croydon. Whether you would like us to alter a new cloth that doesn't fit you or restyle one of your old ones, our highly experienced staff can help. If your clothes don't compliment your body shape, we can tailor it to ensure it fits you to perfection. By focusing on quality, we ensure that the end result is always excellent. We do all clothing alterations and any type of man suit and female dress made to measure. We also do alterations on wedding dresses, bride made dresses, men suites, shirts and t-shirts, as well as leather and suede clothes. Thanks to our style experts, we can also create your special occasion dresses and suits, to look fabulous on a special day. Our high-quality dry cleaning service is second to no other and can efficiently clean any type of clothes.


Clothing Alteration & Quality Dry Cleaning

Dresses Made to Measure

Wedding Dress Fitting

Suede & Leather Work


Curtains relined (sq. meter) £15.00

Shorten net curtain (per meter) width £3.00

Shorten velvet lined (per meter) width £10.00

Shorten velvet (per meter) width £8.00

Shorten lined (per meter) width £8.00

Shorten plain (per meter) width £6.00

New waist elastic £15.00

Button hole each & Repair vent £5.00

Re-hem £5.00

Adjust straps £10.00

Lift shoulder £10.00

Relined £20.00

Reduce side seam & Reduce waist £15.00

Lengthen false hem £15.00

Shorten vented & Shorten pleated £15.00

Shorten plain £10.00

Curtains per Kg £10.00

Lady top £5.00

Jumper £5.00

Tie £3.50

Shirt £3.00

Long dress/Plain £10.00

Short Dress Plain & Short Coat £8.00

Blazer £6.00

Trousers/Jeans £5.00

Suit & Long Coat £10.00

Changing popper each £5.00

Shoulder pads £10.00

Relining overcoat £50.00

Relining jacket £40.00

Full pocket each – Half pocket each £15.00 - £7.00

Elbow patches & Plain sleeves shorten £15.00

Side seams take in/let out & Back seams take in/let out £25.00 - £20.00

Lengthen sleeves false hem £20.00

Vented sleeves shorten & Take in crown £25.00

Shorten jackets & Shorten coats £20

Taper trousers £15.00

Skirts shorten £15.00

Jacket shorten sleeves £20.00

Skirt zips £15.00

Jacket zips £25.00

Trousers zip £15.00

Trousers shorten £15.00

Take in side £15.00

Shorten long to short sleeves £10.00

Shorten length £10.00

Shorten sleeves cuffs £15.00

Shorten plain & Shorten jeans £10.00

Hook and bar £5.00

Relined £30.00

Split seam £5.00

Lengthen false hem £15.00

Shorten and turn up & Shorten with vent £15.00

Taper legs £15.00

Jeans waist £15.00

Waist let out or reduce £10.00

Full pocket each – Half pocket each £15.00 - £7.00

Please add extra for garments with lining £3.00-£6.00

Invisible zip £10.00

Dress zip £10.00

Skirt zip £10.00

Trousers zip £10.00

Anorak zip up to 22” £20.00

Anorak zip up to 26″ £25.00

Jean zip £10.00

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