Suit Alterations &

Made to Measure

Your sleeves are too long, the shoulders too wide or you simply need to replace your buttons? We provide coat or jacket alterations, to improve their fit in every aspect. This means that we can even replace worn linings with a close resembling colour, or add new details, such as new pockets.

Dresses Alterations &

Made to Measure

Our experienced staff can alter all types of dresses, from cocktail dresses to Prete-a-porter.  We can work in any type of fabrics or materials, not only to repair your dress, but also to add new details and embellishments, in order to restyle it.  From a simple size alteration to a more important modification.



We provide jeans alterations, offering a vast range of services, such as reducing or increasing the size,  determining the perfect shape of the seat and shortening them. We can reduce the leg width, shorten the hem, change the rise, lower the waistband, taking in or letting out the waist.



For many people it’s not easy to get a perfect fitting shirt on the first try. One of the most common shirt alterations is the shortening of arm length.  This requires a moving of other parts of the shirt, such as buttons or buckles. We also regularly provide waistlines, collar, cuff,  shoulder and pocket alterations.



Nothing is more annoying than a broken zip? Save your stress and pop into our shop for a zip replacement. Our repair specialists provide tears repairs,  zip repair, new buttons, using only best quality zips and buttons, to perfectly match with your garment. We can repair any type of zips.



We have the fully equipped machinery to offer a great leather alteration service and to repair your leather clothes and accessories.  We replace broken zips, shorten sleeve lengths, replace ripped panels, reline garments, as well as resize and restyle your favourite leather jackets, trousers and coats.



Want your curtains look perfect? If your new pair of curtains are too long or are not anymore in good conditions, we can help. Our most common curtains alterations include turn edges, restitch pleats, curtain relining. We make all types of design of curtains and pelmets.



Our cleaning experts offer a high-quality dry cleaning service,  for both your everyday wear and special occasions dresses and suits. Your clothes will always be in good hands with us, with a professional and quick service. Save your time and have your clothes always clean and tidy.